Aaron Aubin Consulting is now Aubin Consulting


Everybody has a voice; experience tells you when to use it.

At Aubin Consulting, an Indigenous-owned consulting firm, we have over 20 years experience working with companies and colleagues to bring the right expertise together to deliver tailored and innovative solutions for our clients. From this experience, we know that engaging early and listening with patience and understanding is the key to having respectful and meaningful conversations. While bridging cultures is complex, our innovative tools and proven processes encourage true collaboration, which leads to valuable outcomes.


We offer expertise in many areas

Providing a diverse range of professional services to Indigenous, government, and industry clients and organizations across Canada, Aubin Consulting has the experience and in-depth knowledge to deliver a broad array of services across four core areas:

• Indigenous & Stakeholder Engagement

• Community Development & Planning

• Strategic Planning

• Capacity Building


We have a cultivated support system.

With an expansive network – nationally and internationally – we invest significant time connecting with passionate people, to develop and renew our knowledge base to bring unique perspectives and emerging practices to our clients. This broad perspective, combined with our service approach of listening carefully to our clients, collaborating on tools and processes, and designing strategies and plans that support our client’s success, are just a few of the many ways that make Aubin Consulting unique and help us add value to our clients’ business.


We’re process-oriented.

We have a depth of experience working with Indigenous communities, federal, provincial and municipal governments, and industry. We work collaboratively with our clients to design engagement strategies and facilitate multi-stakeholder discussions to explore concerns, interests, needs, and challenges; developing new policies, processes, initiatives, and solutions.The firm has collaborated with over 50 Indigenous communities, land developers and municipalities. Through this work we have led, facilitated, and contributed to regional land use plans, resort master plans, campus master plans, land reviews, land use concepts, outline plans and land use rezoning, area structure plans, area redevelopment plans, and comprehensive community plans.


Our Clients